There are so many charts showing a long-term connection between various forms of money and gold. Most of them show that one can outperform than others until those left behind can catch up. This article will zero in various current circumstances such as the US expansion of the monetary base after the financial crisis that started in 2008.

The performance of international gold prices since the 2008 crisis show that the increase will continue given that the trend will continue until 2014. At the beginning of 2014, if the same trend shows, gold price will reach at a point of $2,300 or a 30% increase in the last fifteen months. During the end of 2014, there is an average increase of $2,500 per ounce or 40% increase than the current prices.

Some economists argue that there is no such law that says the correlation will continue. Yes, that is true but it is possible based on historical data and current trends. In addition, the US is not the only country that is experiencing this trend. The largest economies all throughout the world are devaluing their currencies too. This move is not free from consequences, in fact the direct beneficiaries will be the industry of gold and silver together with the mining companies that are starting to increase prices.

International Gold Prices

When the price of gold will hit $2,000, there are advantages and disadvantages that investors must be prepared, the following are:

  • Tight supply. As the price of gold increases, it will attract more investors. The problem will be the tight supply and getting gold bullions can be very difficult to find. As a result, delays of delivery maybe the most common scenario. Those who are still waiting to have sufficient amount of gold may wait for a longer time.
  • Premiums will increase. If there is a tight supply of gold, the commission will be higher than the usual rate. In 2009, the premiums doubled and markups reached 100% for Maple leafs and silver Eagles.

With the current trend of international gold prices, there is a greater demand of gold in the succeeding years to come.

The ultimate hedge for dollar investment is always gold. Gold investment options such as ownership, gold mining stock or mutual funds provide direct counter to the dollar. When the dollar falls, inevitably gold will increase. For many economists, they see that gold is going to be a strong investment for today and in the future.

There are many types of investment options for gold depending on your familiarity and market experience with the products, one of these options will be applicable to you. These are:

Gold Investment Options

Direct Ownership

Gold Investment Options

If you want to invest in gold, the best is to invest in gold bullion because it expresses ultimate pure value. Even before the ancient times, they have recognized the permanent value of gold. During the Egyptian civilization, they buried huge amounts of gold together with their pharaohs thinking that they can still use the gold in the afterlife. Even before, people fought great wars because of gold reserves, that time they use gold instead of money and the government cannot control or change the value. The value of gold is relative to the supply and demand forces but not with interest rates. However, the disadvantage of owning gold is the tendency to trade between asked prices and bid, so if you are new to the business, do not expect a fast profit. In most cases, you buy in retail price and sell it wholesale. With this, you need to have a big price change just to have a break even. For this reason, do not view gold investment as speculative asset but rather a defensive asset. Your dollar value is going to decrease, ownership of gold is the best investment in terms of preserving its value. The best forms of gold ownership are minted coins such as Canadian Maple Leafs, one-ounce South African Krugerrands or American Eagles.

Gold Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

The latest explosion of ETFs showed that it is more interesting to pursue gold investment. An ETF is a mutual fund that can be traded in a stock exchange market like ordinary stocks do. The exact portfolio of the ETF is that it does not change and fixed.

Gold Mutual Funds

For someone who is still hesitant in gold investment but desires to have an exposure to this precious metal, the most helpful alternative is gold mutual funds. These funds are holding gold stock portfolios in stock companies. The major consideration in gold mutual funds is to invest in a company that has a profitable track record and has been in the business for quite a long time. Many investors choose this type of company than to be conservative with their investments in young companies.

These are some options to choose from if you would like to invest in gold.

Making an investment like a gold IRA retirement plan is making sure that you have a stable life in the future, you will not work anymore and just relax, enjoy and spend your time with friends and family. To have this life in your retirement, you must ensure that you invest in a company that is not going to steal your assets. To avoid facing this problem in the future, here are some important tips on how to protect your investment from gold IRA scams:

How To Protect Your Investment From Gold IRA Scams
  • Deal with professional with a high sense of ethical standards. When you invest in gold IRA, you must remember that the company you chose will be the custodian of your assets. Therefore, this custodian must have a high sense of ethical standards so that you will be confident about your investment, it is under a safe place and company. Remember, there are many scam artists who are excellent in convincing account holders to make them as trustees but they are not.
  • Be cautious of unsolicited offers. When you are into gold IRAs, you will notice that there are many types of people who become more interested about you, they begin to talk about so many opportunities. If you encounter these type of people, beware because you might transfer your account to self-directed IRAs. This will lead to losing your money in the future. In addition, the fact that gold prices are increasing, so many people who have bad intentions are on the loose too. Be careful when you encounter them because you might be a victim of gold investment tricks.
  • Ask the help of different people before making an investment. This is an important thing to do before investing your money, ask the help of advisors who are knowledgeable about gold IRA such as your spouse, wealth manager, tax planner or an attorney. Also, make sure that you are entrusting your investment with a legal custodian by seeking referrals from individuals you know and trust.
How To Protect Your Investment From Gold IRA Scams

Following these easy yet very helpful tips will surely help you stay away from fraudulent activities like scams.

One of the hottest topics these days is investing to save for the future but how are you going to do this when debt rates are increasing at an all-time high? Today, many individuals already have an account for retirement but not all of them are aware of the major risks of making an investment. Sometimes, investment is unpredictable, just for a single moment, you can lose everything. To make the matter worse, the economic situation is also unstable, the reason why many people are looking for the right investment and to prepare for their retirement.

Do you have a retirement plan? Are you thinking about it even if you are still far from retiring? If you do not have a solid retirement plan, a gold IRA retirement planning is a great start. For some who are already investing, an additional investment like gold IRA can make their situation more stable. It cannot be denied that for more than fifty years, only few investments have performed like gold does. The advantages of gold IRA retirement plan are as follows:

Gold Investment Is Stable

Among all types of investments, gold is considered a stable investment because this precious metal retains its value and increases too. To give you an idea on how stable gold can be, gold bullion increases by 520% since 2000. For example, you purchased gold in 2000 worth $25,000, if you are going to sell it today, the price will reach $130,000 and will increase in succeeding years. By 2026, your gold will cost $676,000.

These figures are based on the 520% increase until 2026 but what if the value will be higher? This computation is not made up considering that if you purchased gold in 1971 worth $25,000, as of today it is going to be $1.17 million.

Gold Reduces Risk

The Good Thing with Gold IRA Retirement Planning

It is not advisable to invest all financial assets in one investment, more and more people are investing in gold IRA because it reduces risk factors. Gold rarely loses its value. In addition, the return of investment is so high, it can make up for any potential loss of other investments in the future.

Gold Increases Return

When your investments are solidified with gold, it will help increase your overall returns. Even if you will not do anything after a gold IRA investment, you will still be stable 10-15 years more. In addition, the reduced risk and stability brought by gold IRA allows an investor to increase investment resources in other fields. This will allow him to look for another high-yield businesses because it assures him that he can afford if he will lose some. In effect, the best way to prepare for your retirement plan is to invest in gold IRA.

These advantages of getting a gold IRA retirement plan show that gold is one of the best investments you can make in your life.

Wanting to invest in gold? Well, one of the most popular investments in the United States is the American gold eagle bullion coin. The American gold eagle coin was first introduced by the United States Mint in the year 1986 and is authorized under the Gold Bullion Act of 1985. It is one of the most popular gold coins in the world and is the official gold coin of the United States, which is the biggest coin seller by far.

The Advantages in Investing in American Gold Bullion

Owning American gold bullion is a good start for preserving the value of your finances because it is the safest way to secure your future and to maintain purchasing power. Gold is one of the most stable and tangible assets in history that you can strongly hold in your hands. The American eagle is definitely a good investment that is within any budget’s reach. The coins are available in a variety of denominations, ranging from 1/10 oz to ј oz to 1 oz. The gold comes from sources in America and is guaranteed by the US government to contain the said amount of weight through measures of unit in troy ounces. According to the Gold Bullion Act of 1985, the gold eagle coin has a purity of 91.67% gold or 22 karat. If you are considering investing in gold bullion, you should look for a secured dealer or a trusted ordering online system and a gold supplying company that has the expertise to provide your gold investment needs.

The Advantages in Investing in American Gold Bullion

Truly, these tangible gold coins will be your protection during economic fluctuations. Difficult times are something you should be prepared of, and owning gold bullions is an advantage. Invest in gold by purchasing American gold eagle bullion—an investment you can never go wrong with.

Since the ancient times, gold is recognized as a valuable piece. Today, it is still considered a valuable piece and a precious metal. Why is gold a precious metal? This article will provide you with reasons why it is one of the precious metals.

Is Gold A Precious Metal?

Gold is a unique precious metal because of its durability, it does not corrode or rust, malleability and the ability to conduct in both electricity and heat. Gold has industrial applications too, in the fields of electronics and dentistry but it is well known as a jewelry base and a currency form.

The gold’s value can be determined twenty-four hours each day, seven days each week. Generally, gold can be traded because of its sentimental function and the price is not affected by the supply and demand law. The reason for this is the new mine supply, this means that mining companies can hoard as much gold as they want in order to command a higher selling price. On the other hand, if they like to sell more, the gold price drops.

The reasons why there is an increased desire of hoarding gold are the following:

  • It is an answer to several concerns of systematic financing. When there is an increased perception that money and banks are becoming unstable or political stability is questioned, often, gold has been sought to be a secure store of value.
  • Inflation. When the real estate rates, bond, equity or stock markets are negative, usually, people flock to investing in gold because the value maintains.
  • Political or war crisis. As always, political and war upheaval have sent so many investors to engage into gold hoarding. The reason for this is that they know that even if gold is stored for a long time, its value does not reduce. In fact, it can grow into a hundred folds. Also, it is at this point when they can use gold to trade for shelter, safe passages for a lesser dangerous place and for food.

There is no question that gold is a precious metal, the reason why more and more investors are making gold as their major investment to have a stable future.

Every working individual must know the crucial steps to take to protect one’s retirement savings. In case you decided to roll over your 401k to a gold IRA, then finding and choosing a good custodian is an important step. Dozens of gold IRA companies are available for you to select from, but you have to choose the company that will best cater your gold IRA needs. You can look up for gold IRA reviews to broaden your knowledge and enlighten you about companies that offer precious metals for your 401k.

Choosing the Best Gold IRA Companies

You have to ask yourself first about what to look for when choosing a gold IRA company. The first thing you should consider as a client is its ratings. The reviews and ratings of a certain company will help you determine the company’s professionalism and trustworthiness. The feedback of the clients is the most important information you should gather. Next, identify a company’s IRA fee structure. Always remember to choose a company that has flat annual fees, unlike other companies that have scaled-fee model that is growing according to its account size.

Efficiency and well-planned delivery time are the main attributes of a company that you should look for. In today’s unstable economic era, a waiting time of 60 days for accounts to be processed and precious metals to be delivered is completely unacceptable. It is necessary to know your standards and worth as a consumer.

Putting effort in finding the best gold IRA company is a critical step so that your gold IRA needs will be surely attended to and to ensure no risk in your entire retirement. A company with good reputation is a very essential factor since it proves the company’s capacity to deliver good results.

Customer service should also be a primary consideration because you want a company that will satisfy your needs as a client and will guide you in taking risks and making sound financial decisions. Finding an accredited and established company is a good option.

Taking time in choosing a first-class company that can cater your retirement saving needs is a great way before you make a final decision. To sum it all up, you need a company that is reliable and transparent, has a good customer service record, and is able to protect your retirement accounts. Always be diligent and do your research first before landing to any company. Protect your retirement savings now through making sound and careful investments.

Most of us would dream of achieving financial security in the future. Having adequate financial stability is a goal of every individual, and there are hundreds of ways to turn your dreams into a reality. Having a job and, saving your earnings, and putting it in the bank do not guarantee good financial future, especially because circumstances may come in the way and you may either spend it or leave it sitting in the bank gaining insignificant profit and, worst, it could deteriorate its value over time.

The 401k Gold Investment Fundamental Facts You Should Know About

Investing in 401k gold can be a good idea to attain financial growth. However, there are things that a person should learn before investing in this kind of account strategy. The things that you will learn in 401k gold can greatly impact your financial security. However, investment also carries risk. An intelligent use of your 401k gold can definitely secure a good amount of cash in the future.

The 401k Gold Investment Fundamental Facts You Should Know About

If you are a sole proprietor, a freelancer, or self-employed, you can invest in 401k gold. This is also known as Solo 401k gold, and its method of investment offers more flexibility. In case you transfer and are employed to a new private or government institution, your 401k from your former employer can be converted, and your funds can be rolled into a traditional individual retirement account. Once your funds are transferred to your IRA, you can now possibly purchase gold or silver and invest in trusted IRA custodians that will best fit your gold and silver investment needs. On the other hand, if you are still working in the same company, you can avail of an in-service distribution, which involves distributing your funds to be rolled over in a self-directed IRA. But if your company does not include gold in your 401k, you can just formally request your employer to add precious metals in the company’s 401k plan.

Investing in precious metals such as gold can be your ticket to a secured financial stability and a hedge for financial inflation in the future. Want to know why? Well, gold has been the ultimate hedge against economic uncertainties for the past five thousand years. Furthermore, investing in gold will also protect you against stock market failure; foreclosures and unemployment; failure in value of currencies, including foreign currencies; and continuous rise in the national budget.

In starting to invest in gold, you should first know the essential steps to follow. There are a variety of gold forms in the market today that you can invest in. It can be in the form of gold bars, coins, jewelry, gold mutual funds, etc. Another example of a great source of gold investment is gold exchange trade funds, otherwise known as ETFs. Exchange trust fund is also a mutual fund investment, but it allows physical gold attached to a stock and is kept and safeguarded by the sponsoring company. Adding to those forms is the digital gold currency, also known as DGC, which is electronically a gold representation that can be cashed out. You can request your gold investment kit from your trusted company.

Gold as Investment: Your Gateway to a Secured Financial Future

Knowing the size of your investment is an important thing to do. Know how much you are financially capable of investing. Physical gold is cheaper when you purchase it in bulk, just like in buying wholesale products in supermarkets.

In buying physical gold, it is essential that you’d be able to get it from a trusted supplier. There are many dealers you can find in the industry nowadays, and you can select them according to your investment needs. You could also ask people with gold investments to recommend and suggest a dealer that you can trust and transact with.

Becoming a gold buyer must possess important skills to deal with the industry. There are many things to learn before a gold buyer can start this job. To help you become one, here are important skills needed for gold buyers:

Important Skills Needed To Become Gold Buyers
  • Active listener. In this business, gold buyers must be an active listener to give full attention and understand to people they are dealing with. Also, they can ask appropriate questions without interrupting on irrelevant matters.
  • Speak or communicate with effective information about the business.
  • Must be able to persuade their clients and eventually change their behaviors and minds.
  • Negotiate. Gold buyers must be able to bring people together and know how to reconcile their differences.
  • Critical thinker. Use reasoning and logic in the identification of strengths and weaknesses and develop alternative solutions or approaches to solve problems.
  • Active learner. This is important in the field of business to understand new information to help in the decision-making and problem-solving. Being able to learn continually is helpful for the business to develop new innovations.
  • Monitoring. Regularly monitor or assess performance of yourself, employees and the organization as a whole to develop new strategies.
  • Social perceptiveness. Be aware of people’s reactions and understand the reason for such actions.
  • Coordination. This skill means that a gold buyer knows how to adjust his ways depending on his client’s actions.
  • Mathematical skills. Since business involves money, use mathematics for problem solving rather than do an estimate.
  • Knowledgeable to solve complex problems. Complicated problems in the business must be prioritized as this may make or break you. Review, develop and evaluate information why the problem arises and eventually implement solutions.
  • Good decision making and judgment. To become a successful businessman, you must be able to identify potential benefits as well as the relative costs for each undertaking. An effective decision is not limited to the benefits derived but includes the money involved in the implementation of such project.
Important Skills Needed To Become Gold Buyers

These are some of the important skills that gold buyers must possess to become successful and grow the business.